ADA is a major plot-contributing group throughout Arvine's history, although it doesn't always go under the same name. It stands for Albion Doleim Aleiske, or Albion Defence Agency. It was formed in 5e 170 by Queen Jonala Skavo of Don-Kan.

Formation Edit

ADA was formed by Queen Skavo by merging two already existing groups: the Artaca Vaner Helira, and BlackSect. The queen's council decided that uniting the two groups, who previously had been theoretically unaware of each other's existence to prevent potential internal coups, would allow for greater organisation within the state's defence force. This may well have been in retaliation to Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari founding RedBlock, whom both organisations had been keeping tabs on after his exile from Lifin. Supposedly, this unification meant better protection of the royalty's interests.

The Artaca Vaner Helira Edit

The Artaca Vaner Helira, or the Realm Protection Order, was founded by King Ignis Isia of Don-Kan in 2e 46. It was founded to combat The Council of Erebus. After their involvment in the Great War between Madreio and Isia, the state found out about the council. After annos of planning Ignis finally founded a new, secret movement: The Artaca Vaner Helira. The organisations job is to keep tabs on the Council. It was intended to be secret from the Council themselves as well as the public, however this soon broke down and the council found out. Thus they were locked in a constant conflict for several ages after that.

BlackSect Edit

BlackSect was founded in 4e 117 by King Iain Vasco of Don-Kan. BlackSect is in essence very similar to the Artaca Vaner Helira. It is devoted to the protection of the interests of the state of Don-Kan. However, it's main concern is not the Council. It mostly focuses on enemies in official states other than Don-Kan, rather than essentially terrorists. It was founded in retaliation to the founding of Mör. Mör's military after the revolution was getting dangerously powerful, and this group was mainly meant to keep it in tact.

Titles Edit

The following are the titles that can be held in ADA, in order of ranking:

  1. Lady G
  2. Senior Director
  3. Director
  4. Black Unit
  5. General
  6. Senior Overseer
  7. Overseer
  8. Officer
  9. Agent
  10. Senior Operative
  11. Operative