Alteria Interference Waves, or A.I Waves, are a form of wave that is very common in the Arvine universe.

Properties Edit

Alteria Interference Waves are not like traditional waves, as they are neither transverse or longitudinal. Rather than being the displacement of particles, A.I Waves are formed of minuscule rifts in between a plane and the Alteria. As a graphical representation, they are drawn as a series of straight, horizontal lines. These lines represent the rifts in to the Alteria. The distance between the start of 2 lines is the wavelength, and the length of the line the amplitude. Hence in A.I Waves amplitude and wavelength are proportional. They have the capability to travel faster than the speed of light, as such have very high frequencies.

Uses Edit

Magic Edit

All beings on Arvine have souls which allow them to produce A.I Waves. These waves carry information which translate to various arcane properties, e.g. creating balls of fire or turning things invisible. This is the basis behind every type of magic in Arvine: A spell emits these waves, a charm focuses these waves, an enchantment imbues these waves and a potion contains these waves. It should also be noted that Alterium emits these waves at a relatively high rate. The greater the amplitude of the wave, the harder it is to create: hence, different spells are harder to cast then others.

Light Velocity Edit

Light-speed engines in space use these waves. They emit these waves, carrying with them all the data of the molecular make up of the ship and anything inside it. These waves then travel thousands of light years, before they reach a specified point and terminate, but not before reforming the ship using loose particles bought in from the Alteria (Although that is not known by the creators of the engines) and destroying the old one. Hence, the ship has basically teleported.