Summary Edit

There are several different canons spanning across Arvine's stories. Some of them are set in different locations, some of them feature different characters, but all of them are interlinked in some way. This strongly links in with the Alternate Canon Theory.

Canons Edit

Here is a list of all the known canons currently:

  • Lore
  • D&D, Main Game
  • D&D, Alteria
  • D&D, Space
  • Memoirs
  • The Legend (Dave)
  • The Legend (Mark)
  • The Legend (Ian)
  • Wardric's Woeful What-ifs

AA-AB Quantum Entanglement Edit

Quantum Entanglement is a concept in quantum physics where two particles are linked, from any distance across the universe. This is caused when the particles were together during the big bang. AA-AB Quantum Entanglement is slightly different. Souls are made of AA and AB particles, as named by RedBlock. AA and AB particles are found in clusters in the Alteria, before they are linked to one of the planes. Within these clusters the particles are paired, one AA to one AB. When they are distributed into souls (Selected all from one cluster) the two particles never go to the same plane. They can never enter the same plane as the repulsion between them is too high. But these particles retain a link when they are in different souls. Through this, souls can be linked to another in a different plane, or a different canon. They can also be linked more than two ways, as certain particles retain links within the soul while other particles retain links with other souls, leading to a large ring of sorts, of interconnected souls. Sometimes, these connected souls are clearly related, and form virtually the same person. For example, Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari in Arvine to Dave Richards in the legend, or Mark Madreio in Arvine to HIS legend equivalent. They also link together people in different Arvine canons, such as virtually everyone in the lore canon to their D&D equivalents. Sometimes, the links are less easily seen. Examples of this include Tamurel Skavo to Serena Vasco and Laure Morwen to Jade Madreio. Every now and again, certain things happen here, such as when John Andorf Richardson delved in the Arcane arts in the legend, where the Arcane was never meant to be investigated, which resulted in his equivalent's soul, Jonanadorf's, to be allowed to break the fourth wall.