AvoTech Corporation is a multinational firearms manufacturer and technological research company headquartered on an island north of Meer'lin and founded by Avos Dakesh, that designs, develops, and sells firearms in bulk shipments to national powers.


Isla AthiktosEdit

Isla Athiktos is a small grassy island found north of Meer'lin, in Negrastir waters, and is home to the headquarters of AvoTech and its facilities.

History Edit

The island has been owned by Avos Dakesh since the late 3rd age, a gift from the Negrastir government after he helped them deal with a tribe of barbarians (see (wip)). He used the island as a private holiday location until the founding of AvoTech, when he transferred the deeds for the island to AvoTech Corporation, to be used as headquarters for the company.

Facilities Edit

The Island has several facilities to compliment the needs of the islands employees, including a village of terraced houses, a large swimming and exercise facility, a running track and an entertainment complex.

Transport Edit

Isla Athiktos has numerous transport facilities connecting it to the rest of the world, including a seaport, helipad, airstrip and an underwater Maglev train to the mainland. The underwater railway is the first implemented use of a Magnetic Levitation system in Arvine, a technology developed by AvoTech R&D.


Isla Athiktos translates literally to 'Untouched Island' from Durb'air.

Space Program Edit

Avotech led the space program of Arvine, in a joint collaboration with Don-Kans science initiatives, under the name 'AvoTech Space Association of Don-Kan' or 'ASAD'.

Firearms Edit

AvoTech is the main producer of Military armaments and vehicles in Arvine, producing vast stockpiles of munitions to supply to the powers of the world. AvoTech Munitions have become renowned for outstanding quality and reliability compared to other cheaper weapons, and so they have become the preferred guns of most of the countries military powers.

Research and Development Edit

Little is known about AvoTechs R&D progresses due to their high level of secrecy surrounding the topic, and the majority of their work being carried out in vast laboratories beneath Isla Athiktos.

New Eden Edit

After The Necromancer's Circle attack the Council of Erebus at the start of the 7th age, the Council are forced to run away, leaving behind the New Eden artifact. AvoTech swoop in and take the artifact for themselves. They begin running experiments on it, creating lots of problems and dead employees but oh well. They employ the help of James Vasco, because they needed a member of the Necromancer's Circle for reasons unknown. This gives rise to the RedShark project, an alliance between Avos Dakesh and James Vasco, which continues its investigations into using the New Eden artifact as a time travel implement, until it is stolen by the first members of the New Eden Foundation. They try continuing these investigations up until the assassination of James Vasco by Laure Morwen, as ordered by The Oracle, to cease their devlopments.

RedShark Cyber Attack Edit

AvoTech was essential in the development of the RedShark virus in the 8th Age, which cost RedBlock, M-Corp and JJ&J productions substantial amounts and lost essential data. It was the single largest cyber attack in Arvine's history.