Dayne Manufacturing is an automobile company founded by Frederick Dayne. It was established in 7e 104 in Tawood. Frederick was born in 7e 79. He grew up tinkering with cars in his garage. At the age of 13, he could easily fix a broken engine, at the age of 16, he made his own fully-functional buggy, he studied mechanics at Tawood University, and at the age of 22 he got a job at a nearby garage. When he was 25, in 7e 104, he managed to get a grant from the Royal Southern-Lifin Bank. He used this to establish Dayne Manufacturing. Starting off in a small lot on the southern outskirts of the city, Frederick hired some people and continued working on making new cars. Across the following annos the company grew and grew, until eventually it was a multi-national car manufacturer. When Frederick died in 7e 168, his daughter, Jamie, took over the company. This lasted for 7 annos until M-Corp bought it out and the company became part of M-Corp's Transport department.

Products Edit

Farma Fabia Edit

The Farma Fabia series of cars ran from 7e 148-7e 162. They were a premium series of cars, ranging from 100,000 G to 1,500,000 G. The Farma Fabia K-0068, a lower-range sports car, was purchased by Dave during the story AWOL.