Erist is one of the only named Lycanthropes in Arvine's history. He leads the only tribe in Arvine, based in the southern Altimniosh mountains.

History Edit

Erist was born to his parents in a small cave in the mountains. He grew up the same as generations before him: learning to hunt as he grew up, gradually building up the ranks. However, unlike his peers, he adventured up to the north, and eventually came across Barbilunor. There, hiding in the waters around it, he picked up essences of language and Elven knowledge, christening himself 'Erist'. However, after a few annos of travelling back and forth, he is eventually caught by the Barbilunor guard. He defends himself, killing himself in the process, becoming a local legend with the name 'Southscourge'. He returned to his clan, which he led, and communicated this with his pack. His tribe wanted to march on Barbilunor in revenge, but Erist refused, causing his brother to accuse him of weakness and overthrow him. In desperation, Erist tried to find an individual who he had heard mentioned in Barbilunor, Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari. Luckily, Elrohir was visiting Barbilunor, so Erist breaks through the city walls to find him. Soldiers are about to kill him before Elrohir stops them. He listens to Erist, and so they walk to meet his clan. The fighting has already begun, and after Elrohir's failed essences of diplomacy (I mean he doesn't speak their language cut him some slack) Erist is forced to kill his brother, showing his dominance and causing the pack to return. However, Erist leaves the pack, and spends the rest of his life wandering Arvine, the lone wolf, causing locals from across the planet to develop the legend of 'Southscourge'.