Summary Edit

The final age in the stories of Arvine. The tale of Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari is over. Notated Σ Eg.

Timeline Edit

  • 1 - E.p: The Maid After the exile, the three remaining characters get separated. While Mark and Dave work about getting a livelihood on their new planets, Jon ends up annoying some more of the locals, forcing him to escape the planet Punarvaso Prime.

  • 60 - E.p: The Last Stand Jon's enemies locate him

  • 65 - Jonandorf dies from severe guns wounds

  • 73 - E.p: Distant Mark and Dave manage to regain access to hyperspace travel, and meet each other, before discovering Jon's death.

  • 81 - E.p: Save Our Souls Mark goes insane, dedicating his life to the study of Elder Magic.

  • 88 - Mark dies by driving into a supernova, as it is the only way he can get enough energy for the Elder spell to break the curse stopping their souls from entering hell

  • 94 - E.p: The Endless One Dave gets a call to go deal with a war brewing

  • 95 - E.p: Death of a Killer Dave returns to the inner sectors before going about writing his memoirs, getting summoned by the Valenmar in the process. He later dies of a drug overdose.