Input is one of the members of the extended E.E.R.L.A register. The title has been passed down through several people, although it was originally taken by Harley Coulston. It has also been held by Jamie Marlsborough, and Harley's granddaughter, May Coulston. Input had no know special attributes when joining E.E.R.L.A, unlike other members, although Harley did later become a dragon lord.

Harley Coulston Edit

Input Origins Edit

Harley Coulston joined E.E.R.L.A relatively late on. She is the daughter of Lord and Lady Coulston, and inherited a lot from their death in 8e 15, at which point she was aged 19. Both her parents died in a bombing at the port town of Brisea. Since that point, she became obsessed with investigative work. She began frantic research, drawing up all sorts of different conclusions. She became somewhat of a conspiracy artist. How all the worlds governments were in fact one entity, how the bombing that killed her parents was in fact a cover-up by M-Corp not an attack by the New Eden Foundation as was widely believed, how the Nárëcálë Rings were being harnessed as a base for ASAD, the whole lot. As her investigations progressed, she actually began to uncover some truths. She discovered ADA. It was at this point that she decided to take the alter ego of Input, since from here on her actions were not exactly legal. She stalked various officials for months. Lots of ADA's information and targets were eventually uncovered by Harley, and her investigations into RedBlock and JJ&J were also revealing lots of their Black Market activities.

Joining E.E.R.L.A Edit

It was at this point she was approached by E.E.R.L.A. E.E.R.L.A has been at odds with ADA for a while, and Harley's actions as Input had attracted their attention. Sebastian D'Arque first contacted her in 8e 21, when Input was a well-known name among the right circles. D'Arque was unaware of Input's real identity. Thus, instead of directly contacting her, he left fake information as to an ADA trade within certain online circles. Luckily enough, he guessed correctly what type of places she got her information from. Input fell for the bait and started a stake out of a warehouse in the suburbs of Kinbaram. When she arrived, D'Arque closed all the doors melodramatically (As the warehouse in fact belonged to him) and then revealed himself. She was at first reluctant, but as D'Arque always does, he managed to persuade her to join E.E.R.L.A. Sebastian eventually convinced her by agreeing to help her investigations. D'Arque tried to find out Input's real identity, but she refused to give it up. Better luck next time mate.

Anti E.E.R.L.A Activities Edit

Anyway, she has now joined E.E.R.L.A. I know this isn't very developed, but this is a wiki page, not a story, so I'm not going into details. She joins and sees the immense power that they possess. And she takes it upon herself to try and make sure there is someone who can hold this lot back. Behind their backs, she begins a campaign to create a defence system against every hero in E.E.R.L.A, while continuing to support their efforts against Ramar, the New Eden Foundation and the like.

She starts with the Technoforger, and using her wealth and parts stolen from his office creates a tailored EMP that specifically targets his implants. Then, she moves onto Angulócë. She researched her powers extensively, and discovers that she is a dragon lord. Input proceeds to plan a journey to Dovah Mund. She steals one of E.E.R.L.A's jets and uses it to fly down to Frodinwhaith. There, Harley enters the mountain and begins discussions with the dragons. There is where she learns that Angulócë is in fact Tamurel Skavo. Along with this, she manages to persuade the dragons to turn her into a certain type of dragon lord. While she does not have the same extent of powers as the others, as the dragons already had one active servant, she was granted special charms to neutralise the effects of other lords. Input continues this campaign to eventually negate the powers of virtually all of E.E.R.L.A. She also prepared a system to combat herself, similar to the EMP used against the Technoforger. This she gave to Îa, AKA Blackheart.

Personal Life Edit

As Harley, she spent her time mostly secluded and alone. She used a mix of her inherited wealth and grants from E.E.R.L.A to order everything online, to the extent she rarely went out the house as Harley instead of Input. Whenever she did, she acted quickly, subtly, and without talking to anyone. This made any relations rather hard to achieve. Hence, she actually met her partner as Input. It was an attack on Tawood by Ramar, where a skyscraper very nearly fell over. Input saved people in it while Angulócë held it steady. The last person out was a young man that was very thankful, and Harley was quite fond of him. He revealed his name was Denzel Drew. She made up something about him having to give details for covering damages. When she got back, she input his details into the E.E.R.L.A system to find out more about him. Bit stalker like, I know, but I'm sure it was all with good intentions.

Anyway, she asks him to attend a meeting with an 'E.E.R.L.A representative' near his home city of Tawood.