Jonandorf is arguably one of the three leading characters in the Arvine universe, alongside Mark and Dave. He is notable for being one of three characters with fourth wall breaking characters.

Personality Edit

Jonandorf is a fancy guy. He's a bit of a psychopath with very little regard for sentient life. He's also a nymphomaniac.

Abilities Edit

He has an innate ability to tell where the perspective of the viewer is, and can easily communicate with them. He is known as the best hand to hand fighter in the Arvine timeline. This is aided by the fact that he is extraordinarily strong. At the end of the 7th age, Jon becomes Graves from the Council of Erebus. Across the following age, he gains the arcane abilities of Elder spells, imbued only into the council.

Quotes Edit

"Ok then, Willy Wonka and the make a wish foundation." - Targeted at Sebastian D'Arque in the 8th age.

"If we had a reader who was allergic to sarcasm, the publisher's legal department would be on strike right now." - Targeted at the reader in the 7th age