The Khazuk are a race of semi-cosmic alien beings. The most notable of which is Emperor Malochbinsalimnalicask, who served as emperor of the Interstellar Empirical Dynasty in Ο Eg.

Physical Form Edit

The Khazuk average around 13 ft tall. They have around 20 legs, give or take, which take up the bottom third of their body. These legs aren't overly muscular, rather segmented with a hard keratin-like coating. They all lead smoothly into a body which is similar to that of a human, only wider, with a thin slit going down the middle. They have no arms. Their neck is rather elongated, and again segmented in a similar fashion to the legs. The head has a pointed chin, and splits into two points at the top. In between these points, a sort electrical field sits, which is said to be extremely painful to touch. Their skin can vary in shade, from white to black, and their legs/neck tend be an ochre colour.