Magic, known as the Arcane Arts, a very important and flow through everything in Arvine. It is practised by virtually every character in some shape and form. Many different organisations have been founded around it. It also takes many different forms.

Types of Magic Edit

I have decided the best way to give a summary of the types of magic is by personifying them all. (In a completely biased order)

Dwarven Edit

I enchant gear. I can make pickaxes burn with arcane fire, make divination rods actually work.

Common Edit

Call that magic? I can create fireballs, magical wards, waves of ice and become invisible with my hands!

Elven Edit

Get outta here with your firework displays. Sure, we have to actually create charms, but we can alter reality, reform molecules and reverse aging, along with a lot more. Also, potions count as elven. So beat that.

Void Edit

I can perform Elven charms and common magic on the fly.

Null Edit

I can perform spells, charms, and recreate the effects of enchantments and potions, all with my mind and hands alone.

Elder Edit

I mean, sure, we can't perform the usual magics, but only 3 people in Arvine at any one time can actually perform it. And we can raise the dead. Suck it.

Organisations Edit

There have been loads of different organisations centered around magic in Arvine's history. Here are a couple.

The Wizard's Guild Edit

The Wizard's guild was a group around throughout the 4th age. It was founded under Jamile Marlinse. It ended with the death of Ramar Jhenuier, the Arch Mage at the time. It specialised in common magic. It educated up and coming wizards in various spells from all different school, necromancy, litomancy, aquamancy and more. It was the main antagonist body of the Wizard Wars. Under the Jhenuier dynasty, it indulged in lots of militaristic expansion.

The Magician's Guild Edit

The Magician's Guild was founded as a replacement for the Wizard's Guild by Glorfindel in the 5th age, after Tamurel Skavo made magic use illegal. It included many prominent members, including Elrohir Nolitari. Unlike the Wizard's Guild it taught and developed all types of magic. Elven charms, Dwarven enchantments, spells and potions. It frequently came into contact with the RAI. It's dissolution came about with the execution of Glorfindel at the hands of Tamurel.

The Royal Arcane Inquisition Edit

The RAI was founded by king James Vasco in the 4th age. It officially was to oversee all Arcane Arts in Arvine, but in reality it was an opposition to the Wizard's guild. After Vasco's death Tamurel used the RAI to combat the Magician's Guild. The group was abandoned after the death of Tamurel Skavo.

The Council of Erebus Edit

The Council of Erebus, also known as the Randy Dandies, is a group of 3 individuals running since about half way through the 1st age. They take the titles Twisty, Graves and Okeanos (Or Messy Eater depending on who you ask). Although they arent a magic-based body in the traditional sense, they are the only people in Arvine capable of using Elder Magic, as the individuals are cursed/blessed with the influence of Erebus. Their powers include several offensive spells, necromancy, curses, and also it malforms their body somewhat. Notable members include Dave Richards, Mark Madreio and Jon Andorf. The group ended when Erebus removed the powers of the 3 aforementioned individuals.