Overview Edit

Mark is one of the main supporting protagonists of Arvine. He has appeared as both a protagonist and an antagonist in several different ages. He appears first in the 1st Age, and lastly in Galactic Age Sigma.

The First Age Edit

Mark Madreio was born in 1e 983, in the quite large Don-Kan town on Brotslav. For the first few annos of his life he was raised there, the son of a noble family. He caused the family to run into some trouble with some slightly taboo magic. This caused them to move to the nearby capital of Durbar, Holda'ir. He then grew up in Holda'ir in quite a civilized lifestyle. His mother died when he was 18, and his father went into a mourning depression. He stopped eating properly or rely doing anything, which led to him dying of malnutrition along with other things when Mark was aged 22. Somehow, Mark managed to get his father's hereditary lordship in Don-Kan transferred to Durbar. (Probably involving some slightly illicit activities.) He used this new position to gradually build up a keep in the city, through various trading and buying out markets etc. He managed to become the richest man in Durbar by the age of 25. It was at this point he decided to expand his influence, and he traveled to Albion, and met with King Isia. He used his influence and wealth to become Isia's financial adviser, which within an anno expanded to being his lead adviser. During this time he traveled across Arvine, and became more and more aware of the monarchy's shortcomings. He saw the poverty and strife running throughout the planet. In turn, this affected him, making him become more and more hostile towards Isia and gradually moving to take over and undermine Isia's power. By this point Mark was aged 27, and now Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari entered his life. Elrohir joined one of Mark's Albion businesses. Mark saw potential and something special in Elrohir, and subtly but quite quickly elevated him up to one of his lead advisers. Mark was now aged 30. Over the next few years, he continued to run speeches, further his agenda, and increase his influence over Arvine. The more he saw the more he became dissatisfied with Isia's rule. When he was 35, he began on his greatest project yet. He had always been fascinated with how the Alteria worked and it's history, and so he came up with a plan to increase his power in a military style. He worked with his increased resources to forge a link with hell. He... didn't succeed, however, he did discover a way to find one pre-existing. A special spell, which he learnt and shared with no-one. This led to him to the Alteria portal to hell. There, the souls were powerless and disorganized, so he started his campaign to assert some dominance. One year passed, Mark is now aged 36. He declares war on Isia, and puts Elrohir in charge of diplomatic relations, trying to get Isia to surrender early. The war rages for 10 years, and Mark builds up support and has the upper hand. Until he makes his fatal error. In 1e 1023, he releases his secret weapon. The souls that make up the armies of hell. While this gave him a massive upper hand on Arvine and allowed him to basically take over the planet, it set the gods themselves against him. Thus, in 1e 1025, aged 42, he arrived in Albion. He challenged Ian Isia to a duel. And in any normal circumstances, he would have one. He was stronger and a better fighter than Isia. But the gods cursed him for breaking their system, and stole his soul under the guise of him losing the duel. His death ended the first age.

The Second Age Edit

He found himself in Hell, as his soul form and not his physical self. Hell at the time was chaos, the dead roamed, their souls dammed to wander the plains. However, the gods had a plan. They had no god to rule hell, and due to Mark's link with the plane already, they decided to give him a job. He became the steward of hell, lord of the dead, and served the organize the deceased of the Alteria. He was given virtually unlimited power within hell by the gods. With this, he began by separating hell into 63 quarters, each infinite rings that house different categories of the dead, dependent on their minds and how well the acted (And in some cases whether Mark likes them) when living. Despite his initial protests, he does eventually warm to the idea. Mostly because his ego quite likes the idea of being Satan.

The Sixth Age Edit

At the end of the 6th age, Mark Madreio is resurrected by the Council of Erebus. He leads the group, sorting out any quarrels, and helps them escape. Although due to his rather ruthless nature it may be partly his fault not everyone got out. After escaping, he is the one that manages to locate Dave (Even though he didn't suggest the idea).