Mark Madreio is basically the antagonist of this reality. Brother of David Richardson and son of Emily and Richard Madreio, for the entire first half he spends most of his time trying to mess up Dave.

History Edit

Mark was lost as a toddler by his parents while on holiday in Germany, due to an earthquake forcing them to evacuate. He was found by his uncle, Count Jon Andorf Richardson, who then manipulated Mark slowly but surely, persuading him with psychological torture that his parents had abandoned him, that he wasn't wanted. This continued on until he was 18, continually raised by his questionable uncle. When he was 16, he started a hunt for his parents, killing as he went. He wasn't exactly brought up to value life very highly. His parents discovered what had become of their son, and so fled, changing their name in the process. This didn't save them. When Mark was 18, he finally tracked down his parents using old documents and files, and shot them both, along with several other members of the village in which they were situated, ignoring their pleas.

Following this, he abandoned his uncle, and travelled to London, where he used his riches from Jon to establish a new goods trading company, called The Madreio Corporation. Fast forward 16 years: Mark Madreio is 34.