Oillet was born in the Lifin city of Donione in 5e 1262. She was born into a very musical family, the youngest of three sisters, both of which were already avid pianists by the time she came around. Her parents were state musicians, living in Donione but often away working for large periods of time in the courts at Tawood.

Early Musicianship Edit

At the age of 5, Oillet picked up her first violin. She took to it immediately, quickly surpassing her sisters, the youngest 4 years her elder. She was taught by her parents, who, when she was aged 10, took her to the courts at Tawood to see the chamber groups play there. Eventually, her sisters got jealous of her ability, and broke her violin when her parents weren't home. She ran away to a nearby bakery and hid there for a few nights until her parents returned, and in a panic, ran around the city trying to locate her. Eventually they found her, and took her to get a new violin over in Tawood. Across the next few annos, she became an extra musician in the courts, being called in when they were low on string players. She heard about all sorts of official state business, and by the age of 25, was unwittingly a central member of the state.

State Musician Edit

When she was 27, her parents were suddenly kicked out of court. There was no justification in Oillet's eyes, merely that they had been stripped of their titles unnecessarily. However, in her position within the court she picked up rumors here and there that her parents had been stealing state secrets, and sending them out of the country. Upon confronting her parents about this, they confessed their guilt. On their travels outside of Lifin they had met people who were suspicious of the government, and needed to get information about their nature. They didn't believe it at first, but then they ended up meeting Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari, who convinced them to help keep a track of the dodgy goings on. (Unbeknownst to Oillet, the Council of Erebus still had their clutches around Lifin.) Her parents ask her to continue on their task, and she reluctantly agrees. Using her guise as a musician, she slips into the confidential vaults in Tawood. There she manages to steal information relating to an external group influencing politicians in court. Unfortunately, she is discovered and brought to court. Her parents upon hearing this make a plea to Elrohir to return and save her, which he does, turning up at her hearing. He manages to defend her, using the evidence he and ADA have gathered, alongside exposing the works of the council (Though he does not actually manage to expose the identity of the council, only the corruption they had sewn). With this, Oillet manages to help Elrohir lift his ban in Lifin.

Remaining Life Edit

Oillet settles down, satisfied her parents have got their job back and everything is back the way it should be. She ends up getting married, having kids, and becoming one of the most renowned violinists in Arvine's history. It is said that a recording of her later playing is the first thing Mark Madreio listened to after his resurrection. She passed away peacefully, aged 58, leaving her body to be cremated. This inadvertently prevented her from joining the necromancers circle one age later.