Ramar Jhenuier is an antagonist of Arvine. He is most well known of the Arch Mage of the Wizard's Guild.

Character Edit

Ramar is a bit of a loose canon. He is rash and determined, which generally causes problems for the other characters. He feels very passionately about the Arcane Arts in particular the Wizards Guild, which stemmed onto the Wizard Wars. Ramar himself values freedom above all else, and is a right wing liberal, basically saying that anyone can do whatever they want. If they've earnt it, they keep it. And this is how he views the guild, its an education body which has built up its own power, and has the right to be powerful.

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Enemies Edit

  • Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari -
  • Mark Madreio
  • Jonandorf
  • Tamurel Skavo - During the Battle of Albion in the Wizard Wars, Tamurel had a showdown with Ramar, after the intense fight, the Arch Mage was vulnerable due to fatigue, Tamurel took this opportunity for her act of vengeance, impaling him with a sword and incinerated him with her draconic abilities. When he is resurrected, he discovers that Tamurel dismantled the guild and illegalised the arcane arts. This starts him on a path of revenge against Tamurel, both for himself and his guild.
  • Revan Skavo
  • Vician Carter
  • James Vasco - During the late 4th age, the wizards guild was expanding rapidly through its skills and power. The growing guild drew the eyes of the monarchy towards them, causing the monarchy to insist on a surveillance of their members, via the establishment of the Royal Arcane Inquisition. Ramar himself was provoked as he believed it was a violation of freedom, causing the spark of the Wizard Wars.

History Edit

4th Age Edit

Ramar was born in to the Jhenuier dynasty and lineage in 4e 721. By the time he was 18, he had taken over the title of Archmage of the Wizard's Guild, and rapidly began expanding it out internationally. He had frequent clashes with James Vasco's Royal Arcane Inquisition, established to combat the expansion of the guild. After Vasco shuts down the guild establishment in Albion, he starts amassing military power and planning all our war. Thus, the Wizard Wars begin between the Guild with the outlying countries and the mainland. The war lasts for several years, until in 4e 763, where a battle begins in Albion. This results in the death of Revan Skavo and James Vasco, and also Ramar being killed by Tamurel Skavo.

6th Age Edit

At the end of the 6th age, Ramar is one of those resurrected by the Council of Erebus. He has a clash with Revan, Tamurel and Vasco, before Mark manages to split them apart. He begrudgingly helped the group escape the compound. When they got out, he took part in the location of Dave and by extension the assassination of the king. This brings him into the 7th age.

7th Age Edit

Unlike some of the other members of The Necromancer's Circle, he chose to avoid any sort of affiliation with RedBlock. He and Laure went their own way, and decided to do some research into history since they left. They found out that they did find out about Laure's killing of Tamurel, and also about the Magician's Guild. It was also revealed to them that a new criminal underworld had formed in Arvine. They decided to go to these criminals for help and protection from RedBlock and co.