Religion is very important in Arvine. The gods are the first characters we meet. They are an integral part of the plotline as a whole.

Gods Edit

  • Valisilwen - The goddess of the night. She resides in Mount Dusklight, and is primarily worshiped in Thadkia. She is notable for having one of the closest relationships with Elrohir, as she is the god whom he worships most. She also is the goddess who sleeps with Jonandorf in the 9th age. Physical appearance: Flirty high elf.
  • Furinúmëa - Goddess of Sin, worshiped in Kal-Mutash and residing in Fort Cilamun. Physical appearance: Sultry dark elf.
  • Empanyaamillë - She is the goddess of the earth, living on Birchleaf Island and with Lifin as the main country of worship. One of the earlier gods that Dave meets. Physical appearance: Practical wood elf.
  • Mark Madreio - Lives in Hell, god of the dead, worshiped in Durbar. Probably the most notable of the gods, as he is technically not a god, but a demigod: a human ascended to godhood. He is probably the most important supporting protagonist of Arvine. He rose to godhood when he died at the end of the 1st age, and returned to his normal form in Arvine at the end of the 6th age. Physical appearance: Human, as he is genuinely human.
  • Mahtapoldorë - The honorable god of war, situated in Halivarnis and worshiped in Mör. Important god because he is one of the gods who starts the war seen in the very first story, as well as causing the establishment of Mör in the end of the 3rd age. Physical appearance: Powerful orc.
  • Tar-culu-heru - The leader of the gods. Patron of wealth, residing and worshiped in Don-Kan. The last god standing in the Dauðadagr war. Physical appearance: Muscly human.
  • Elmir - Leader of mind and magic, residing in The Void and worshiped in Altimniosh. Creator of Vlin Hellstrand in the 3rd age, when he used part of his soul to create Môlvôr. Physical appearance: Wizened high elf.
  • Curwëtáqa - God of creation, worshipped in Hradubny and resides in the Underloaf. Generally considered evil. Is on of the antagonists of the D&D Alteria canon. Also involved in the war seen in the first story. Physical appearance: Stout dwarf.
  • Nárëcálë - God of the sun, sea and sky, living in Earthsky and worshiped in Negrastir. Bit of a poser. Physical appearance: Well-built human.
  • Harmahatal - Goddess of ice and the hunt. Living in Wolfblood Forest, primarily worshiped in Menevress. Physical appearance: Fit snow elf.
  • Melmë - Goddess of love, situated in The Eyre and worshiped in Eindothlond. Physical appearance: Beautiful human.
  • Lúamillë - Father of time. Lives in The Faerlands and worshiped in Frodinwhaith. Very notable as he probably has the closest relationship with Elrohir: the elf's horse, Rinion, comes from him. Also part of Lúamillë's soul resides in The Oracle. Physical appearance: Elderly human.

Worship Edit

Different countries worship different gods and have more temples dedicated to them. This is because when beings spend time in certain areas, essences of their souls are embedded their. As such, the gods spent more time where their temples ended up being. This is why Mark is worshiped in Durbar. This is also why Mahtapoldorë did not initially have a country, because he spent his time in western Don-Kan, which was not an independent state.