Revan Skavo is one of the main supporting protagonists of Arvine. He was introduced in the year 4e 728 on the date Hall 27, in the episode 'Origins of the Skavo' under the working title 'Woodwardinburg'. This story is one of the most developed, as it was the first story to start being written down. Revan is notable for being Elrohir's closest friend.

History Edit

The 4th Age Edit

Revan was born in the 711th year of the Fourth Age. He was a lord of Frodinwhaith. His mother died when he was 5 annos old, from shutting herself outside in a storm to prevent the harsh storm entering the city. He was then brought up by his father, Sigmus Skavo, who he didn't entirely see eye to eye with on everything. When he reached adulthood, aged 17, he went on a journey with his personal servant, Halmill. He was sent to Dovah Mund by his father, due to Revan's refusal to find a partner. He succeeded, and met the dragons of Dovah Mund. Aged 20, in 4e 731, his father was killed. Halmill's dagger was found in his chest, thus following the obvious path he executed Halmill. He becomes High Lord of Frodinwhaith. 5 annos later, 4e 736, Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari turned up on his doorstep, with a girl. This girl was Tamurel Cumero, the 3 anno old (Even though physically she was 7), the princess of Lifin. Elrohir had persuaded Tamurel's parents to give her up for adoption, as he believed there was a curse placed on the name. Revan accepted as he did not want a partner himself. Thus, Tamurel Cumero became Tamurel Skavo his daughter. However, within a few days, she had aged to 17. This resulted in Elrohir being called back. He managed to slow her aging, and promised to return every few passings, which then gave way to their friendship. Another 6 annos later, the year reached 4e 742. Since 4e 728, he had visited the dragons annually. On this event he received news that Halmill did not kill his father, rather the previous humanoid servant of Dovah Mund. The dragons explained they chose the previous servant due to their advanced arcane power, so powerful they couldn't even tell their gender. The dragons demanded that Revan let Tamurel be their new servant, and Revan begrudgingly agreed. Together, Revan and Tamurel found out that Revan's good friend Jern Verket was in fact the murderer, and Tamurel killed him. Now we go further another 23 annos. The Wizard Wars is approaching it's end. Revan, in the Mainland Allies, has already defended Woodwardinburg against the guild. He is now fighting in Albion. He is killed by Ramar's men, along with James Vasco, fighting back to back.

The 6th Age Edit

At the very end of the 6th age, he is resurrected by the Council of Erebus. He is one of the group that survive getting out of the HQ. He joins with Dave's newly assembled crew, and helps to kidnap his own ancestor, the last Skavo. Then the crew demanded the monarchy be abolished and replace with diplomacy. This then led on to the 7th age starting.

The 7th Age Edit

The 7th age is quite a busy one for Revan, so I will summarize as brief as possible. After the assassination of the king, getting ADA off their back, Revan realises he needs to get a proper job. Luckily, Dave offers him and Tamurel jobs in RedBlock. Here, he builds up his rank until he manages to become the Head Manager of RedBlock Media (Owing in no small amount to his relation with Dave). He becomes heavily involved in the companies rivalry with M-Corp, and is a very major supporting protagonist throughout the age. He also helps with the ongoing fight against The Council and ADA. Until, at the end of the 7th Age, Lady G approaches him and asks him to join ADA. He is reluctant, due to the fact that he hates ADA and they have tried to kill him, she convinces him they are moving away from the government and working on a more international, independent level to keep the peace. So he agrees.

The 8th Age Edit

During the 8th Age, Revan spends a lot of his time in battle against Avos Dakesh and Ramar Jhenuier, working with ADA to keep their own supplies, and RedBlock's, safe. After it is gradually revealed that there is a larger plotline going on here, he attends the ADA, E.E.R.L.A and Council peace meetup. There he finds out his best friend, Dave, and his daughter, Tamurel, had both been working against him without their knowledge. After everyone else manages to get these three to make up, they find out that Avos has been playing them against each other, and AvoTech are planning somiething big. At first, they assume a nuclear/space program, but the real problem is the RedShark virus, which takes over RedBlock. Revan, working with others, manages to isolate it and set up a new system, and hunt down Avos.

The 9th Age Edit

After ADA's disbanding, Revan returns to his job at RedBlock. He continues to work in the new alliance between RedBlock, M-Corp and JJ&J Productions to keep their hold over Arvine strong, ensuring peace and prosperity around the globe. However, when holes begin to form in The Necromancer's Circle, he returns with Tamurel to Frodinwhaith, where he fights against the other countries with the help of Melme and the dragons. He, with Tamurel, authorizes the strike that kills Ramar, and the surrender of Frodinwhaith ending the Dauðadagr war.

The 10th Age Edit

In the newly reformed alliance, he is central to keeping the circle in tact and surviving throughout the new post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Arvine. However, when Tamurel threatens the security of their operation to get off the planet, Jonandorf kills her, meaning this relation breaks down big time. He fights Erebus in The Elderfall at the end of the age.

Galactic Age Omicron Edit

Upon Arvine's destruction, he helps Dave re-establish RedBlock under the Galactic State. He then continues working here, helping them survive in this new civilization.

Galactic Age Pi Edit

He really doesn't do much here, apart from developing his concerns about the state, and starting his infiltration investigations. (Can you tell it's getting late?)

Galactic Age Rho Edit

This one is quite big. He joins the Galactic State Core, and builds his way up in rank to a trusted position near the emperor. However, during this time he discovers more anti-humanitarian actions being taken by them, and decides that this emperor must last no longer. So, in the year 411, he assassinates the emperor with a crew consisting of him, Dave, Jon, Mark and one other guy that I don't know the name of. They succeed, but this other guy betrays them and executes Revan. And thus, the long and lovely tale of the Blood King comes to a close.