Scarlet Elemnin is a member of The Necromancer's Circle. She is first seen in the 3e episode Scarlet, and last in the 9e episode 'Breaking Point'.

History Edit

Third Age Edit

Scarlet was born in Oknilthviet 2 annos before the Shizdabiz disaster. During the disaster, both her parents ended up being sent to the Underloaf. Scarlet was found by Elrohir when he went to survey the damage. He gave her to a couple in Arvine to look after, two women by the names of Melda and Lothiriel. However, homosexuality wasn't exactly encouraged at the time, to Elrohir moved in with them and pretended to be with one of them, when in fact they were the couple looking after Scarlet. Skip to when she is 17 years old, and Scarlet runs away from home to locate the Underloaf in an attempt to find her parents. Melda and Lothiriel ask Elrohir to chase after her. Scarlet does some research, and finds out about Glorfindel. She manages to hitch a ride to Barbilunor. There, she locates Glorfindel, and uses her relation with Elrohir to get him to help her. He tells her that the portal has been sighted in Trankiklif. She travels there, and searched for the portal. Given a few days, she finds out the portal is located under the temple, and manages to break in. She ends up in the Underloaf. She quickly gets attacked by one of the denizens of the plane, when Elrohir and Glorfindel come in to try and help (Really quite unsuccessfully). They are all saved by the local civilised peoples, and she decides to stay there to find her parents. Elrohir returns to Arvine and tells Melda and Lothiriel.

Sixth Age Edit

We next see Scarlet at the end of the 6th age, during the resurrection. She is one of the quieter characters of the circle, following along in the escape attempt. She is not heavily involved in locating Dave, and while she does help plan the assassination of the king, she does not actually take part in the act.

Seventh Age Edit

Scarlet spends the first few annos of the seventh age adapting to her new life. She visits her old house in Lifin, and also starts to read up on what she has missed. She learns about Glorfindel's death and goes to visit his tomb. After visiting Scarlet confronts Tamurel about the magic law. Tamurel expresses her regrets, but says she is now powerless to change it, as none of the circle have any legal identity. Following this, Scarlet continues to investigate problems in Arvine, and becomes gradually more annoyed as to what she has missed. As her loan from Dave was dwindling, she decided to get a job. The easiest place hiring was M-Corp, and as much as she wasn't a fan of Mark, it paid highly and she thought she would get promoted easily. It sort of worked, and by the time of 'Old Rivalries', she was regional manager of Lifin. However, Scarlet didn't get on with Wuthunol at all. Mark's wife quite frequently mentally abused her and tried to get her to quit. Wuthunol failed, and Scarlet remained a valuable M-Corp employee. She was heavily involved in diplomatic relations with RedBlock, and so she was appointed as ambassador. This means she managed to prevent M-Corp and RedBlock security services clashing. Scarlet also fought Dave, Kaelyn, Tamurel and Revan as they tried to enter M-Corp. After the events of 'Body Swap', Mark goes into a somewhat mental decline and becomes obsessed with the Council to cope with Wuthunol's death. This makes Scarlet very alienated. During the events of 'Vasco Cocoa', Scarlet discovers Avos' involvement in the company's development. She neglects to tell Mark. During the annos that follow, she works out Mark is now working with Dave and Jon, lets the events of James' death play out, and finally learns that Mark is now a member of the Council of Erebus.

Eighth Age Edit

Scarlet is becoming increasingly fed up. Mark is treating her like she's nothing, Dave and Jon are just causing her problems, and Avos' plans aren't getting anywhere. The formation of E.E.R.L.A, yet another annoying threat, causes her to contact Avos and offer an alliance. He accepts. This causes Scarlet to start investigating, JJ&J, RedBlock and E.E.R.L.A, and leaking this information to Avos. She realizes ADA's involvement in the brewing rivalry, so adds them to the hit list. Avos made the plans, Scarlet got him the information. All this time retaining her facade at M-Corp. During 'Peace' Scarlet learns of their alliance and warns Avos, moving the plan onto stage 2. Installing RedShark. She helps the virus be installed, and activated at the end of the 8th age. She is the one that warns Avos about Kaelyn, and also sabotages her car using RedBlock's interconnected systems. However, her overall plan failed, as Avos was arrested by M-Corp and the Shardfast Collective was founded.

Ninth Age Edit

Her attempts to disrupt the international order had failed. If anything, it had become stronger. She needed a new plan. Luckily for her, Dave found it very hard to accept Kaelyn's death. He insisted someone had betrayed her. However, he thought it was someone within the Shardfast Collective, and Scarlet had denied the opportunity to be one of the 12 involved. She used her access within M-Corp to remove Avos' memory of ever having worked with her. She also added in the notion of working with Ramar and Laure to take down the Shardfast collective. Meanwhile, she built upon Dave's insecurities and growing tensions within the collective to slowly manipulate them all. This was brought to a head when she persuaded the Don-Kan army to kick out Tamurel by spreading a rumor they were to be disbanded. This caused a state of cold war to break out between Don-Kan, Frodinwhaith, Mor and Durbar. By this point Dave had worked out what had happened, and went after her. Scarlet managed to overpower him and kidnap him, but not before Dave had got out a message that she was a traitor. Unaware of this, Scarlet left him captive and went back to M-Corp, where Mark organised her death. But the damage had already been done. While Dave was captive the Shardfast collective broke down, leading to the Dauðadagr war.