Sebastian D'Arque was a gnome born in 7e 1383. He was the Senior Manager of Vasco CoCoa, and the founder of E.E.R.L.A.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Born to two well-off parents in Everath, 7e 1383, Sebastian D'Arque began life relatively normally. Attending the local schools, he quickly came up at the top of his classes, achieving top marks and grades. He was a lonesome soul, very rarely conversing with his class mates. He did manage to get a girlfriend aged 15, but she left him within a couple passings. After achieving straight A*s aged 18, his parents paid for him to travel all the way to Barbilunor to study at the University there, one of the greatest on the planet. He studied engineering, while minoring in business management. After graduating in 7e 1407, he moved to Albion. He initially got a job at a local technology firm, for which he lasted for about 2 annos, until it was bought out by RedBlock, at which point he was made redundant.

Vasco CoCoa Edit

He ended up getting a job as a general engineer at Vasco CoCoa, and within a few annos he had made his way up to a site technological manager. In this role he met James Vasco, and they quickly hit off, with Sebastian making many successful suggestions for the company on all fronts. This quickly went very wrong. In 7e 1417, Sebastian was just doing a routine check, but as he was a bit aging at this point, he ended up falling off one of the gangways into a large vat of molten chocolate. This severely burnt his arms and ended up damaging some of his internal organs. Luckily, safety mechanisms kicked in and he was saved before he died. But was basically dead. For the next anno or so, he worked closely alongside James to try and heal his wounds. When traditional methods were not far enough, he developed various mechanical augmentations by himself. James offered to make them, and so before long, the parts of him that were damaged in the fall ended up being replaced by mechanical counterparts. While they could've been make to look realistic, Sebastian decided that he wanted to keep them looking authentic, as he now saw them as part of his character as well as his body. However, across the next few annos, he became more and more troubled by the black market work with Vasco CoCoa's private militia the more he discovered. He then learnt of Vasco's co-operation with Avos Dakesh on the RedShark project. He saw the dangerous implications meddling with New Eden could produce, and was on the verge of resigning. However, disaster struck before he could. In 7e 1421 James was assassinated by Laure Morwen. He helped the Circle with their investigation, to no avail, before dissolving Vasco CoCoa, as the new owner.

E.E.R.L.A Edit

Sebastian D'Arque got himself an Elrohir syndrome. Refusal to die. As parts of him reached their age, he designed himself a new body part, as he became more and more mechanical. The sins committed by Vasco CoCoa, despite the vast help they had given the planet, haunted him more and more. This was not helped by the rise of the eco-terrorist group the New Eden Foundation, and this pushed him to feel he needed to help the planet in a different way. He saw people needed icons, heroes, to look up for, not just the security the industrial powerhouses provided. He donned the mantle of the Technoforger, a man made of metal, who fends off criminals and terrorists across the globe. He went around visiting various extra-ordinary people trying to rally them up. He knew of Îa, the Môlvôrian, an incredible alien being of immense magical power. He approached him first, and Îa accepted the offer, still wanting to prove himself to the populace of Arvine. Sebastian heard of the resent revelation of Filinion Marquelas, an ancient knight who had been given unheard of magic. Filinion agreed to join, seeing the valour it could offer, and so he and Îa became partners, becoming known as Blacknight and Blackheart respectively. The next person he approached was Serana DeLasse, who had been performing black-ops for the highest bidder for annos, aided by her incredible skills in stealth and planning. He gave her the opportunity of being party of a family, and using her abilities for the benefit of all, and she agreed. Finally Sebastian approached the un-dead Dragon Lord, Tamurel Skavo. After some convincing, assuring her that her identity could be kept anonymous, she reluctantly agreed to join, taking the name of Anguloce. This resulted in the foundation of E.E.R.L.A in 8e 2, with Sebastian aged 84, but physically only looking about 40.

E.E.R.L.A began life fighting against the New Eden Foundation, which D'Arque knew must be linked to the work of James and Avos. They gradually gained more and more members, becoming really quite a formidable force. However, this started gaining the attention of ADA. Despite being completely sanctioned by the Eindothlond government, Lady G saw them as a very dangerous unit. This led to a clash between ADA and E.E.R.L.A in 8e 15, although Sebastian didn't know it at the time, he saw it as a normal attack. Luckily Tamurel recognized the ADA uniforms, and informed the rest of the group who their new adversary was. They continued to have frequent clashes with ADA in the following annos. They made their biggest mistake when they intervened with M-Corps construction of a nuclear power station in northern Don-Kan. It would involve the relocation of several local residents, and also had the potential to greatly damage the local environment. However, unbeknownst to Sebastian, Mark Madreio was a member of The Council of Erebus. This led to a series of conflicts between E.E.R.L.A and The Council, when both of their missions collided badly. They had their first major loss while trying to prevent an explosive attack by the New Eden foundation. This led to the 'death' of Serana DeLasse, after Sebastian gave the order to retreat. E.E.R.L.A became more and more powerful, eventually becoming a global superpower. This caused massive rifts within the organisation. This came to a head in 8e 48, when Mark Madreio became the president. Sebastian avidly and publicly opposed this, while lots of his members saw this as his personal vendettas and politics interfering with E.E.R.L.A's purpose and him abusing his power. He started shifting his focus more and more on combating ADA and The Council, rather than New Eden and Ramar. Eventually this resulted in a war splitting E.E.R.L.A in two, with the Technoforger and Anguloce heading one side, Blacknight and Input heading the other. This saw the death of Sebastian, causing the two sides to unite as one once more and reform at their principles, with late entry Beowulf being appointed leader.