Sir Greginald the Gregarious was a gentle soul, a knight of Eindothlond at the start of the 4th age.

Honours Edit

Sir Greginald, or Greg Grahald to his friends, was a gentle soul. He spent most of his life as a simple farmer, managing his home with his wife and no children until he was 55 annos old. Therein his wife died of an awful disease, so he abandoned the farm and went to join the army. The officials were skeptical at letting him in, but they were feeling pretty desperate and so he joined a local defensive legion. Greg served another 20 annos in the military. He gained fame, and through it his title, by being the only member of his regiment to not kill, or even harm, a single person throughout his entire service. He was popular and well know in his local area, dying peacefully at the ripe old age of 75, and given a full military funeral where he was granted his own honour: 'The Pacifist's Cross'.