The ninth age. This is where shit really hits the fan.


  • 1 - E.p: Shardfast The Shardfast Collective is formed

  • 11 - E.p: New Rule The Shardfast Collective take over Arvine

  • 20 - E.p: Dominion An alliance of Ramar, Laure and Avos Dakesh start to fight against the Shardfast Collective

  • 158 - E.p: Cracks Revan and Vician split

  • 295 - E.p: Pinnacle of the Arcane The Shardfast Collective try to make a global surveilance charm, it backfires, messing up Revan's face

  • 461 - E.p: Rebellions Laure Morwen kills Sanya Falathiel

  • 538 - E.p: Commercialized Expanse RedBlock, JJ&J and M-Corp basically run everything, but behind this Dave's mistrust of the collective is growing

  • 747 - E.p: The last of the Dragon Lords The last dragon lord attempts to take down the collective, leading the dragons to be against them. The Shardfast Collective win, causing the death of a dragon and the ceasing of the dragon lords

  • 980 - E.p: Breaking Point The Shardfast Collective approaches its final days. Dave works out that Scarlet was the traitor, Scarlet kidnaps him. Mark works out and kills Scarlet, but too late, war is already braking out in the broken planet.

  • 984 - E.p: The Fall The Dauðadagr War begins, brining and end to the shardfast collective.

  • 988 - The Dauðadagr War ends. Most cities are destroyed to a point of no return