The RedShark incident is one of the main overruling plot lines surrounding the 8th Age. It is an event run by Avos Dakesh, involving a computer virus taking over the wireless networks of several major organisations and leaking files.

RedShark Edit

Formation Edit

RedShark itself is a virus, giving it's name to the event. It was made by AvoTech's leading R&D teams across the 8th age, taking annos and annos to perfect. It had to input of the greatest minds of the era, all with a grudge against one of the targets, such as disgruntled RedBlock employees, people who had had their house destroyed by E.E.R.L.A, etc.

Usage Edit

RedShark is a very powerful program. It is activated remotely from an external terminal that can be located anywhere, but has to be linked to the virus. (In this instance, it was activated from AvoTech HQ.) It seizes control of the entire wireless infrastructure of whatever device it is attached to. For example, if it was attached to a phone, it would manage to control the entire network that phone was on. Or, if it was attached to RedBlock's computers of M-Corps servers, it would take over the entire connection between their devices. This is devastating. It gives them access to any cloud-stored information, allows them to cease any communication, and control anything that relies on their internet network. For companies that are at the forefront of technology, that basically gives AvoTech complete control over their assets and information.

The Incident Edit

The 'Red Herring' Edit

Across the 8th Age, Avos had organised various hits and heists from RedBlock, M-Corp, JJ&J Productions, ADA and E.E.R.L.A. Together, he managed to acquire the information and resources for a full-on nuclear program. He also planted evidence of Ramar and Laure at the scene. While they knew Avos was involved, they all assumed he had turned to Ramar, while in reality they were not working together at all. After The Council, ADA and E.E.R.L.A had put aside their differences to work together because they realized they were being played against each other, they presumed Ramar and Avos were planning in holding Arvine in nuclear blackmail. Thus, they didn't look closer to home in their own computer infrastructure to find a very dangerous virus.

The Event Edit

They realized too late. Avos activated the virus, and all hell broke loose. All of ADA's files were leaked online, revealing the secret organisation to the world. RedBlock and M-Corp had their reports leaked, costing them millions. Also, any of their devices that relied on wireless communication (e.g M-Corp's Transport Division, RedBlock Media) collapsed, induces further gargantuan costs. All the Council's history was revealed. Although E.E.R.L.A had fallen, the identity of all of it's late and ex-members was revealed, having devastating effects on Tamurel and the descendants of previous heroes.

The Aftermath Edit

The only one anywhere near AvoTech HQ was Kaelyn. Kaelyn managed to infiltrate the HQ, and steal an override from Avos' office. However, Avos killed her on the way back. With that option gone, M-Corp, Red-Block and JJ&J Productions took down their networks and that of ADA and backed up any of their funds and information. They set up a new, united system which Avos didn't have control of, but the damage was already done. Thus, The RedShark Incident was over.