Summary Edit

This is the second age. It is, shock horror, the age after the first one. I don't think anything important happens in this one, apart from the Vascos taking the throne. And yes, I will change this summary when I can be bothered.

Timeline Edit

  • 0 - E.p: Organising Hell Mark Madreio becomes satan.

  • 1 - Ian and Emily Isia give birth to Ignis Isia

  • 24 - Ian Isia dies, and his son, Ignis Isia, takes over

  • 46 - E.p: The Artaurë Varilë Heren Ignis Isia founds the Artaurë Varilë Heren, or the Realm Protection Order

  • 47 - E.p: The Rivalry Formed

  • 97 - E.p: The Faerland Dave first visits the Faerland and meets Elmir. He does stuff and gets a free horse, who happens to be magic and called Rinion.

  • 103 - The Ilúvë Ingolë Otornassë is founded in Barbilunor

  • 184 - E.p: Halivarnis The city of Halivarnis is founded

  • 241 - E.p: The Councillor We meet Vician Carter

  • 268 - Lor Metal-Bones is born

  • 472 - E.p: Dovah-Mund DRAGON STUFF

  • 538 - The Ilúvë Ingolë Otornassë officially declare the Makari as an independent species, not just variations of humans

  • 601 - Erist is born

  • 727 - E.p: Royalty The Isia family is calling apart.

  • 896 - E.p: The Vascos We meet the family of the Vascos! Lovely bunch.

  • 947 - E.p: The Usurper Kaspian Isia is slain in battle by Vivian Vasco, thus ending the Isia line of monarchs and beginning the Vascos.