The sixth age. The one where THE BIGGEST PLOT LINE HAPPENS. Have fun.


  • 1 - E.p: VlinTech VlinTech is established using technology discovered in Môlvôr

  • 63 - E.p: Dwarven Blunders The Dwarves of Dungifell decide to try and mine Dovah Mund. Big mistake. We learn that Dovah Mund is, in fact, a massive dragon.

  • 284 - Redblock Limited becomes RedBlock Incorporated

  • 398 - Venaretésa Vudamen is born

  • 439 - E.p: Revolution Eindothlond Civil War

  • 482 - E.p: Journey to the Alteria Dafyd visits Môlvôr, along with a few other planes.

  • 551 - E.p: Avotech Avotech is founded

  • 587 - E.p: Blackheart Arvine is invaded by the Môlvôrians, angry about their exile. They would've succeeded if Îa hadn't sabotaged their weaponry from within Môlvôr.

  • 635 - E.p: The Snake and the Squid Okeanos gets fed up with the Council's lack of action as ADA grows nearer to discovering the body snatching. He goes to fight ADA by himself, coming into contact with Dafyd along the way.

  • 742 - Lance Peters is born.

  • 773 - E.p: Pike and Shield Lance Peters of Pike and Shield Co. has a human trafficking operation going. Detective Amy Townley is going to put a stop to it.

  • 801 - RedBlock Incorporated officially becomes The RedBlock Corporation, but publicly is just known as RedBlock

  • 884 - E.p: Resurrected The Council of Erebus resurrect a group of people collected throughout history, some of whom die in the escape of their compound, and those who make it out eventually become known as The Necromancer's Circle

  • 887 - E.p: The Last of the Skavos The recently resurrected group, led by David Madreio Richardson, assassinated Kaan Skavo, thus ending the Skavo blood line