Unicron is the Universe, or Alterial Plane, that Arvine is in, and where all the stories take place.

Name Origins Edit

Unicron was named by a board of individuals at the start of Galactic Age Alpha, which takes place about Arvine's 6th age. It was made official by Emperor Meir-Famall, one of the Khazuk species. The name stuck throughout the Galactic State's history, up until it was discovered by our characters. It was a bit later, in Galactic Age Zeta, that they named Unicron Major and Unicron Minor. Unicron developed a different name actually in Arvine: Xynrear, as named by the gods.

Unicron Minor Edit

Unicron Minor is the name of the actual plane that Arvine and the other planets is in. The characters do travel outside of Unicron Minor in the plotline on many occasions. It contains many galaxies, however only one that is used in the plot.

Unicron Major Edit

Unicron Major is the same as Unicron Minor, however, it includes all planes linked with Unicron Minor, e.g. The Milas Cluster.