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Vician Carter(Face claim: Alazar Maevsky)

Vician Carter is a minor character who makes brief appearances in Arvine Lore.

Appearance Edit

Vician is an androgynous presenting male standing at 6'3", with long blonde hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. He wears a black tail coat and trousers, a grey waist coat, a white dress shirt, and a silk cravat held by a carnelian broach. He wears a brown leather belt with a gold plated belt buckle, with a heart shaped pink tourmaline gemstone. He is often seen wearing dark coloured lipstick, and he has a notable mole by the bottom right corner of his lips. He also wears black leather boots with a two inch heel, however it is unknown if Vician bought these shoes for himself, as he often complains about how the heels are impractical for travelling.

Personality Edit

Vician's characteristics and ideals are widely unfitting for his time, and despite his nobility, he socializes with many lower class people, mostly due to his habbits of frequenting local brothels. However, although his hypersexuality may be an off putting trait, Vician is far from a bad person. His ideals are that of "treat others as you would like to be treated", and he believes that good will shall be rewarded. Unforunately, Vician suffered from depression and this took a large toll on him. His curse of Immortality (on top of the issues that arose after the death of his parents) lead him to meeting Dave for counciling, and thus giving him brief mention in the Arvine lore in the 3rd Age.


The Third Age Edit

Vician is first introduced to us the third age. An associate of Elrohir Nefalas Nolitari's tells him that there is a vampire over in Don-Kan, which Elrohir does not believe. As a result he travels to Dekka to find out for himself, and discovers the mysterious lord Carter. Vician tells Elrohir of his ailments, to which Elrohir concludes there is a curse on his bloodline. However, this 'curse' extends his life, so Elrohir tries to use his own experiences to council him. He absolutely fails, and Vician commits suicide a few annos later. Via, like an arrow to the head or something. Maybe jumping off a cliff. I dunno.

The Sixth Age Edit

Vician is resurrected with the rest of The Necromancer's Circle by the Council of Erebus at the end of the 6th age. He is involved in the assassination of Kahn Skavo, during which he meets Revan Skavo, and they get along well.

The Seventh Age Edit

During the Seventh Age, Vician returns to Dekka to find his old home still standing, but not in the best shape. He spends a few annos fixing it up, getting reestablished, helped by the money provided to him by Dave. We next see him at a ball in 7e 155, during the episode AWOL. He is talking with Revan, and is lightly involved in helping Dave and Kaelyn steal documents and escape. In the following annos he gets to know Revan better, and they begin to be rather fond of each other. They meet for occasional drinks, coffees, etc. This results in them getting together during the episode Old Rivalries, in 7e 458. Because he is now involved with the RedBlock crew, Revan employs his help to rescue Dave's body from M-Corp during Body Swap. He then continues to pop up here and there as Revan's boyfriend.

The Eighth Age Edit

During the eighth age he spends lots of his time with Kaelyn Shardfast, discussing the behavior of Revan, Tamurel Skavo and Dave. Unlike Kaelyn, who leaves Dave for a short period of time, Vician stands by Revan through it all. He doesn't even get that annoyed when he finds out Revan was in ADA. He becomes more and more involved in the fight against Ramar and Avos Dakesh, and is involved in fixing relations between Dave, Revan and Tamurel. He is present when ADA and the Council are publicly announced after the RedShark leak.

The Ninth Age Edit

Viccian is one of the 6 members of the newly formed Shardfast Collective. He becomes one of the individuals who run Arvine, managing Negrastir. However, as Scarlet Elemnin continues to break down relationships in the collective, Vician and Revan fall out and split up. This causes Vician to quit the collective and spend many annos in exile, up until the Dauðadagr war, when he joins the fight for Don-Kan. He is in the squad that head down south to Frodinwhaith to attack Don-Kan, where he is killed by Lúamillë.

Other CanonEdit

Vician has a lot more developed and important role in another canon, known as the Memoirs Verse, which is totaly detatched from the Arvine Universe. In the Memoirs Verse, Vician is turned into a Vampire and documents his life as an immortal throughout the ages. In this canon, Vician's given a more expansive personality and history, which is not addressed in the Arvine Universe.

He is also one of the main protagonists of the Alteria Game canon in the 4th age, alongside Dovahsehbrohm.

Background and Plot Edit