William Wren is a dick. A halfling business who serves as Senior Coordinator of RedBlock Network, he is just a dis-likable character.

History Edit

Born in 7e 97 in Donione, Tawood, he lived a very comfortable life as a child. He came from a wealthy family who had made valuable investments in VlinTech back when it had first been set up. As such, he was born with a lot of money potentially going to him in inheritance, as he was an only child. He did fantastically at school passing with 11 A*s. He went to University in Altimniosh, graduating with flying colors, before moving back to Tawood. There he got a job in RedBlock networks, as a general technician aged 22. However Wren was a shrewd businessman. Knocking off his commercial opponents, he quickly rose through the ranks, until in 7e 124 he ended up on the Network managers board, wherein there was an annual meeting at RedBlock HQ. It was in this capacity he met David Richardson. Richards attended a couple of the meetings across the 3-day course it ran in. At these meetings Wren grabbed his attention. His abilities to talk and manipulate the circumstances into his favor was something Dave though could be very beneficial to RedBlock.

Dave did, initially, like the guy. He though that William had potential and charm. As such, he ended up working actually in RedBlock HQ, the permanent liason to Dave, in 7e 125. Within 5 years he had become head of RedBlock Network, sitting on the main RedBlock panel, alongside Dave, Revan, Tamurel, Suzie Spencer, Grant and Carl.